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Order any aggregate, to any project, with the help of the most comprehensive network of quarries, aggregate suppliers & owner operators in Central Texas.


Round Rock, Texas Trucking & Aggregate Hauling.

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Our network of 85+ local quarries and aggregate suppliers ensures access to the materials you need at a competitive price.

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Our industry-leading daily fleet of 50+ local owner-operators are experts in material import and export.

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Round Rock Aggregate Trucking: Simplified.

Round Rock, Texas serves as one of the many economic hubs of activity in the area, particularly in the construction industry. As the city and surrounding areas continue to grow it will become increasingly important to partner with quality quarries and aggregate suppliers. Many of the new construction projects in the region will be partnering with businesses like Twisted Nail to supply aggregate materials and trucking services to their projects. Our close connection with all local owner operators as well as the local sand, gravel, and crushed rock quarries makes Twisted Nail a preferred partner to many local contractors.

Our Valued Clients and Partnerships

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Best Selling Aggregate in Round Rock.

Limestone serves as a versatile foundation in driveways, pad construction and various applications.

River rock has many different uses, including drainage assistance, ready-mix production, and landscaping.

Granite is a durable stone primarily used in path building, parking lots, landscaping, foundations, and driveways.

Top products in this category include select fill, fill sand, washed concrete sand, mortar sand, and topsoil.

Repurposed material gathered from retired buildings, parking lots, pathways, parking garages, etc.

Experienced Aggregate Haulers in Round Rock, Texas.

"Great company, wonderful people, and quick delivery of bulk gravel, sand and rock. Great prices. Large Scale General Contractor building muti million dollar projects. We recommend Twisted Nail sand and Gravel."

- Tom Boyle

Round Rock Trucking Services.

Hauling of materials, such as sand, gravel, and rock, from quarries or suppliers to project sites.
Transporting oversized and overweight loads with precision and care.
Flatbeds for diverse cargo, stepdecks for taller loads. Our carriers ensure secure transport.
Removal and disposal of debris, ensuring site safety and environmental responsibility.

Unpacking Our Services: FAQs

Twisted Nail is partnered with every eligible quarry in Central Texas, including local quarries in and around Round Rock. The material you are looking for may be native to the area or may need to be shipped in from elsewhere. Either way, we are happy to get you on the right path to getting your materials delivered fresh from the ground and straight to your work site.
Minimum quantity varies by material type, but a general rule of thumb is 5 yards of aggregate (1/2 a dump truck load). We find that for quantities smaller than 5 yards, it is more cost efficient for the customer to arrange pickup, especially if you are located near Round Rock. It is also generally more cost efficient if you order materials which are naturally found in the area, as this cuts transportation and labor costs.
Twisted Nail is partnered with the top heavy haul carriers in the region, including local carriers in Round Rock. We have hauled super heavy haul and highly specialized projects. We don’t just provide the trucking, we offer a full-service package. Simply put, you just point us to what you would like moved and tell us where to put it.

Every freight broker can move your item from A to B. Customers choose Twisted Nail because we are straightforward, transparent, and we have an industry-leading track record of success across Central Texas. At our competition, a traditional freight broker, you will talk with a staff member behind a computer whose job is to make as much money off you as possible. With Twisted Nail, you will talk to one of the owner’s family members, all of whom are freight experts, whose goal is to move your product as safely and efficiently as possible. We are interested in long term customer relationships and work hard to back that up.

Because we are partnered with quarries in Round Rock and other areas of central Texas, we are proud to provide quality materials straight from the source. With access to all ready mix, asphalt, home and construction aggregates sold within 200 miles of the area, we make sure our materials are dug fresh from the ground, processed, and delivered straight to your place of choosing. We offer pit-to-plant, pit-to-consumer, and pit-to-jobsite hauling and ensure that you receive the highest quality material for the lowest price.
Round Rock has many aggregate quarries, as does much of Texas in general. Material availability depends heavily upon the region, but for much of Texas both Limestone and River Rock will be available nearby. The most popular materials we deliver include state spec road base, flex base, ¾” screened rock, 1” screened rock, select fill, common fill, fill sand, washed sand, and top soil.
It is absolutely easier and cheaper to source materials close to Round Rock—or even within the state of Texas—than to try to haul them across the country. Sourcing locally saves time, money, and effort while also ensuring you know exactly where your materials are coming from. Our experts at Twisted Nail have built close relationships with local quarries to ensure you receive quality material as quickly as possible at the best price.