Demolition Hauling

About Demolition Hauling

Demolition trucking and haul off is tough, but our team is tougher. Our owner operators use steel round bottom trailers and dump trucks with steel beds to transport materials. In addition to trucking services, we are also able to source disposal and recycling sites for your waste materials. We partner with all local recycling plants, landfills, and disposal sites to ensure our customers have access to the most efficient disposal options in the region. Our demolition fleet frequently helps on projects such as: building demolition, driveway or sidewalk removal, parking lot or road replacement, and scrap, garbage, or specialty waste disposal.

What We Offer

Aggregate Removal

Most commercial projects require material export in addition to material import. Finding an efficient disposal location, or even combining your import and export into a round trip, can save thousands of dollars in disposal costs.

Concrete Disposal

Concrete disposal responsibly manages leftover or demolished concrete, promoting sustainability by diverting waste from landfills and recycling it for other construction projects.

Construction Waste Disposal

Managing debris from construction, renovation, or demolition projects, construction waste disposal ensures proper removal while emphasizing recycling and eco-friendly practices.

Our Demolition Hauling Equipment

Steel End Dump
Steel Round Bottom
Steel Super Dump & Dump Truck

Demolition Hauling: FAQs

Twisted Nail is partnered with all landfills and disposal sites, both listed and unlisted. When looking for a disposal site for your project, consider that legal and unlisted disposal sites can be up to 20+ times cheaper than a traditional landfill. Additionally, filtering disposal products for recycling can drastically reduce disposal costs.
All demolition byproduct that is financially viable will be recycled. Not all byproduct is able to be recycled. The unrecyclable or otherwise contaminated material will be disposed of through the proper channels.
Steel round bottom trailers are the best choice for demolition removal. When appropriate, we will use flatbeds or other special use trailers to load large pieces of demolition byproduct at once.

Our Other Trucking Services.

Hauling of materials, such as sand, gravel, and rock, from quarries or suppliers to project sites.
Transporting oversized and overweight loads with precision and care.
Flatbeds for diverse cargo, stepdecks for taller loads. Our carriers ensure secure transport.