Flatbed & Step Deck Transport

About Flatbed & Step Deck Transport

Moving flatbed and step deck freight can be a challenging process. That’s why choosing the right carrier is so important. Our owner operators have decades of experience hauling freight for a wide range of industries. We’ve got you covered for all your flatbed and step deck needs. We frequently haul a combination of equipment, construction materials, barrier walls, and SET’s. We can provide tarps, straps, and chains as needed.

Our Equipment

Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed trucking are open-deck trailers designed to efficiently transport a range of materials, from lumber and pallet freight to steel, construction materials, and general equipment.

Step Deck Trucking

Step deck trailers, designed with a lower deck height, are an excellent choice for transporting a variety of items such as general equipment, machinery, vehicles, tractors, and SETs.

Flatbed & Step Deck Transport: FAQs

Size limitations and weight limitations are major contributing factors in choosing the right trailer option for your project. A van trailer isn’t meant to carry heavy equipment, it’s designed to carry palletized objects of a very defined size. A flatbed or open deck trailer is meant to carry loads of a variety of shapes and dimensions.
Twisted Nail provides custom solutions for all business needs, including those requiring flatbed and stepdeck. In the event the customer has their own trailers, we have power-only units, owner-operators who can provide their own trailers, and for longer-term contracts Twisted Nail can provide the dedicated equipment needed for hyper efficiency in their shipping lanes.

Our Other Trucking Services.

Hauling of materials, such as sand, gravel, and rock, from quarries or suppliers to project sites.
Transporting oversized and overweight loads with precision and care.
Removal and disposal of debris, ensuring site safety and environmental responsibility.