Material & Aggregate Hauling

Transporting Aggregate & Construction Material

Moving aggregate and construction materials is our specialty. We provide trucking services on materials you have sourced and can source any materials you are still looking for. Whether you need 25 tons of road base for your driveway or 50,000 tons of select fill for a new housing development, we can deliver. We partner with local owner operators who operate a mix of belly dump, end dump, round bottom, tandem dump trucks, and super dump trucks. With decades of experience, and an active fleet of 50+ aggregate trucks, we can handle any import or export project.

Hauling Products

Our Equipment

End Dump & Round Bottom

Perfect for placing bulk material right where you need it, end dump trailers will extend upwards and drop their payloads at the rear of the trailer. Steel end dump trailers, which average 21-23 ton payloads, are perfect for demolition or heavy rock deliveries. Aluminum trailers, with 22-26+ ton payloads, are great for stockpiling and help maximize payload size.

Belly Dump

Belly dump trailers carry up to 23 tons of material and will lay that material in a 30-60’ line on the ground when delivering. Belly dumps will need clear passage, as the unloading process requires 50’-150’ of runway to successfully unload the material. Belly Dumps are often used in road building or on projects that can accommodate their unique dumping style.

Dump Truck & Super Dump

Dump Trucks are perfect for projects with limited on-site space or for deliveries in busy areas, such as downtown. Dump trucks deliver between 10 and 17 tons of material, depending on truck size. Super Dumps are larger style dump trucks, with the same advantages of dump trucks, but with a payload ranging from 17-23 tons.

Materials We Commonly Haul

Material & Aggregate Hauling: FAQs

We are an all-in-one trucking and aggregate supplier. The process of ordering aggregates is a complicated series of middle-men that can be frustrating and challenging to navigate. We removed that process, put in a flat 10% fee that both owner-operator and customer are aware of, and in turn we have been able to keep customer confident that they are paying market rates and also keep our owner-operators content by providing reassurances they are receiving full pay for their work.
Sourcing material is our specialty. Twisted Nail partners with every quarry in the state of Texas. We can source any material and will provide an all in trucking and material rate for your project. Contractors enjoy working with us because they receive a single freight and material bill from a company that manages the full process for them. Because of our wide network of vendors, even experienced contractors have been surprised at the savings we have been able to offer them with our all-in bundles.
The minimum quantity for a material order varies by material type, but a general rule of thumb is 10 yards of aggregate (1 full tandem truckload). While some specialty materials may warrant smaller orders, in most cases, we find it is significantly more cost efficient for the customer to receive a full truckload.

Our Other Trucking Services.

Transporting oversized and overweight loads with precision and care.
Flatbeds for diverse cargo, stepdecks for taller loads. Our carriers ensure secure transport.
Removal and disposal of debris, ensuring site safety and environmental responsibility.