TXDOT Highway 6 Reconstruction, Waco, Texas

Webber, a big contractor, revitalized I-35 and Hwy 6 in Waco. Initially self-sourced, they asked for help due to supplier issues. We swiftly found a State Spec Limestone Base supplier, delivering 40,000+ tons and transitioning to backups. Our partnership provided bulk materials during high demand through our local network.

Webber has been tasked with the rebuilding and revitalization of both I-35 and Hwy 6 in Waco, Texas. The work they have been contracted to perform requires a substantial amount of imported material to the project locations. Webber is a very large general contractor and is very skilled at sourcing local suppliers at competitive rates, which is why it was no surprise for our team to learn that (at least initially) Webber was able to rapidly establish very competitive supply relationships without our help.

Soon after the start of the project, however, Webbers team reached out with a request to partner. Their original material supplier was temporarily unable to perform due to equipment breakdown. Would our team be able to source a State Spec Limestone Base, for around the same delivered price the project was currently receiving the material, with a minimum order size of no less than 20,000 tons, that would only be purchased in the event the entire 20,000 ton batch passed a TXDOT inspection, and could only be purchased after the material was made, stockpiled, and tested.

While Webber’s purchasing requirements were a challenge, our team was quickly able to source a supplier that was willing to provide the state spec base in the requested 20,000 ton batches. With this supplier our team was able to deliver 40,000+ tons of material before exhausting the available supply. We were then able to seamlessly transition the project to a mixture of both backup quarries, individually responsible for 20,000+ tons each, and have been the primary material supplier of the project since the initial switch.

Through partnering with Twisted Nail, Webber has been able to purchase extreme bulk quantities within a market experiencing material shortages due to high demand. This type of flexibility is only possible thanks to our network of nearly 100 local aggregate quarries and aggregate suppliers.

  • Customer: Webber
  • Type: Material Supply
  • Volume: 80,000+ tons; 2,000 to 2,500 tons per day


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