Samsung Manufacturing – Taylor, Texas

Twisted Nail partnered with Dynagrid to deliver State Spec Limestone Base for the Taylor, Texas Samsung Manufacturing facility. Despite a complex project with numerous phases and contractors, our team managed over 200 trucks in a day without complaints, showcasing our successful collaboration.

Having worked with Twisted Nail on prior projects, Dynagrid partnered with our team to import State Spec Limestone Base to a construction site for the future Taylor, Texas Samsung Manufacturing facility. The speed and scale of the project in question was contentious throughout. With multiple active phases occurring simultaneously, the project was often filled with dozens of unique contractors hidden behind a maze of complicated project entrances.

A General Contractor on site had this to say about Twisted Nail’s performance:

“For those who have not been to the site, Samsung is an extremely busy place and is very congested from property line to property line on all sides. I was told this evening they could not believe we received over 200 trucks. They do not believe there is another contractor on site that has received this volume of trucks in a single days’ time. The truck drivers are the ones who, in my opinion, take the biggest risk not only at Samsung, but from the highways to the pits. I just wanted to give credit where credit is due, I could not have imagined having over 200 trucks come through Samsung without a single complaint about anything, hats off to the truck drivers and the companies”.

  • Summary: State Spec Base import from Georgetown, Texas to a Samsung Manufacturing plant project in Taylor, Texas
  • Volume: 22,000 tons


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