Trucking Supply For Local Quarry

Partnered with 150+ local aggregate hauling trucks, Twisted Nail Sand and Gravel is known for dependable and flexible service. This benefits quarries like KCS, expanding their fleet during peak demand. Our extensive truck fleet ensures efficient service for large orders.

Our team at Twisted Nail Sand and Gravel is partnered with over 150+ local aggregate hauling trucks and growing. We have an excellent reputation for honesty, dependability, transparency, and flexibility.

This reputation pairs well with local quarries, such as Killeen Crushed Stone (KCS). While some quarries maintain a small fleet of in-house trucks, rarely do quarries maintain a fleet capable of facilitating 100% of the material they deliver. By partnering with Twisted Nail, quarries are able to expand their operating fleet during times of peak demand without adding the burden of maintaining the equipment in times of lower demand. This flexibility is provided to quarries on a day-to-day basis, with many quarries fluctuating +/- 10 trucks being utilized per day.

More than flexibility, our fleet of trucks is among the largest active aggregate hauling fleets in the area. There are very few competitors able to assemble the resources that our team can assemble, making it possible for quarries to facilitate orders that require 20-30+ trucks per day. Our team is able to assemble quickly, efficiently, and will always operate with the highest levels of professionalism.

  • Customer: Killeen Crushed Stone
  • Volume: 20,000+ tons


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