Copperhead Solar

Copperhead Solar first contacted us in 2022 for quotes on Screened River Rock and Manufactured Sand. Later, Kiewit needed consistent base deliveries, transitioning smoothly from another supplier. Despite water shortages causing delays, our partnership ensured project continuity. Twisted Nail Sand and Gravel's flexibility and network support were pivotal for Copperhead Solar and Kiewit's success.

Copperhead Solar originally contacted our team in October of 2022 requesting a landed quote for 1” Screened River Rock and Manufactured Sand, to be delivered to their project on an as needed basis. We supplied both our quotes on these materials and sourced a more affordable source for base, though the source was not ultimately selected. Our team was informed that while our service would be used for all additional materials, a base source had already been established and that a team of trucks was scheduled to deliver the material.

We were contacted by Kiewit shortly after this with a request: their trucking source fell through and they needed bids for 20 tractor trailers delivering consistently, all-day, on an extended basis. Having already been set as a vendor and supplying the supplementary materials, our team was able to make the transition and continue Kiewit’s base supply with limited interruption to their project.

The project would continue for some time but began to experience delays due to a shortage of water and water trucks. The shortage of water was slowing the application of lime and base which, as a result, was dropping material import demands from 20 trucks to 10 trucks, then eventually off and on with only 5 trucks or less per day. In an effort to remedy the situation, our team partnered with Kiewit, gathered the specifics of their water needs, and were able to set the project up with both source and supply of the water necessary to continue operations.

Copperhead Solar is a testament to the flexibility that partnering with Twisted Nail Sand and Gravel provides to your project and purchasing teams. Through our partnership, Kiewit was able to open their network to a much wider range of suppliers and, as a result, was better equipped than had they chosen to go at it alone.

Summary: Import State Spec Limestone Base, Trucking Only; Source and deliver 1” River Rock, 1” Limestone #57 Rock, Manufactured Sand, Bulk Water via Water Truck

Customer: Kiewit

Our Role: Combination of Trucking Only & Material Supply

Volume: 50,000+ tons


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