Quarry Direct Trucking

Quarry direct trucking is a service provided by hauling companies that will bring resources straight from a quarry to a job site. The service is exceedingly helpful for certain jobs that may be relying on a lot of materials from a given quarry. Though this service is highly coveted and, again, very helpful, it is not so easy to do on your own. Quarries can be difficult to work with, and it requires a certain set of skills to be able to effectively function as a quarry direct trucker. A better option if you wish to work with quarries is to make use of a freight broker with pre-existing connections to these quarries, like Twisted Nail. In this article, we’re going to cover how freight brokers help when it comes to quarry direct trucking, how they do so, and what you can do to find a good broker.

How Do Freight Brokers Help with Quarry Direct Trucking?

Freight brokers assist truck drivers with a number of tasks, whether it’s connecting them with people that need cargo shipped or handling administrative tasks for them. When it comes to the arborous task of communicating with quarries, they are just as helpful. Quarries can be difficult to work with overall. The main job of the quarry is to excavate materials from the earth. Of course, selling those materials to those that need them is how they actually make money, but it is often difficult to set up a system with a quarry where they will allow you to truck material straight from the pit to a work site. Brokers have connections with quarries in their local areas. It’s simply another part of their job, and it helps them get their owner operator truck driver partners work more easily. There is no reason for an owner operator to ever need to do direct business with a quarry if they are working with a broker. Twisted Nail, for example, has connections with every quarry in central Texas, and we take pride in our long-term connections with these clients. With us as the middleman, we have been able to create a sustainable relationship between quarries, drivers, and clients that ultimately leads to increased productivity for all of them. Brokers eliminate issues that truck drivers shouldn’t need to handle.

Do I Need a Broker?

Though you don’t necessarily need a broker, everything would become incredibly easy if you did begin working with a broker. Aside from the difficulty of talking to quarries, brokers are a guaranteed way to find work at a time for an owner operator truck driver. As we talked about in another blog, finding work can be difficult once you start your business, and a broker can get you connections that you wouldn’t have access to without them. Though you could foster your business without a broker by looking for jobs on your own, it is unlikely that you’ll get as far as you could in a short amount of time without a broker that knows the way of the land.

What Will Twisted Nail Do for Me That Other Brokers Won’t?

At Twisted Nail, we work tirelessly for our drivers and our clients. We take our role as the middleman very seriously and we ensure that every job is done with accuracy and care that no other broker will demonstrate. The difference between a good broker and a great broker is the connections they have, and the work ethic they have. We have a work ethic that is second to none, and connections to everything a driver or client could ever need. We have a fleet of owner operator truck drivers waiting for our call to work, and a number of quarries and other material suppliers on demand. We offer more services than other brokers in the central Texas area as well. We provide pit-to-plant, pit-to-consumer, and pit-to-jobsite hauling,which means that we can bring any material that we have immediate access to,which is many due to our many connections with the local quarries, to any place you may need it. Whether it’s being delivered to a plant, directly to a consumer, or to a jobsite to be used for any given job, we can get it there in no time at all. We are the go-to broker in the central Texas area, and for good reason. If you are a truck driver looking for a broker, or someone in need of hauling services, contact Twisted Nail and we’ll do you job perfectly every time.