What Is a Load Board?

We have talked in great detail before what a load board is in other blog posts. As a quick refresher, a load board is an online forum wherebrokers, and basically whoever needs a hauling job completed, will put uphauling requests that can be picked up by owner operator truck drivers.Basically, a load board is a great place for owner operator truck drivers to find work, and for freight brokers to find clients either short term or long term. In this blog we’ll be talking about the best load boards to find work on in 2022, and what makes them stand out from the other outlets available for owner operator truck drivers to find hauling work.

What Are the Best Load Boards for Truck Drivers to Find Work?

Though there are many load boards to choose from that are very reliable, and well-built websites, some stand much taller above the others. Going in 2022, here are the best load boards at the moment for both user ease, and capability.

Trucker Path:

Trucker Path is a smartphone app used by truckers everywhere. It comes with a variety of features such as having a large user base and allowing truckers to filter jobs by the weight of the cargo, and the route in which they need to be taken. Aside perk is that it lets you check out people’s credit scores to ensure that you’re working only with people who are reliable. The best part about Trucker Path? It’s completely free to use for truckers and brokers alike, making it an affordable option for owner operator truck drivers who are just starting out to get some fast cash without needing to pay for anything. With all of this and more, Trucker Path has made a name for itself as one of the best services out there.


Next, we have Truckstop.com, which was actually one of the first load boards to be created. Truckstop offers a number of benefits on their website including being home to over 600,000 brokers and allowing you to book loads right from their website to get the job on the move as fast as possible. However, unlike Trucker Path, Truckstop actually costs a monthly fee to use. You can decide how much you would prefer to pay by examining the three different payment tiers on their website. Each comes with a variety of benefits depending on how much you’re willing to pay. The first and cheapest tier costs$39 a month, the second is $125, and the third is $149. Depending on your needs, you may need to invest in a higher tier, but even the baseline option comes with more than enough benefits to take your business to the next level.

Direct Freight:

Now we’ll look at DirectFreight. Direct Freight is another load board similar to Truckstop as it costs a monthly fee to use, but it has some unique features that are worth checking out. The most unique thing about them is their notification system which will give a driver updates on the weather and other alerts along the scheduled route that they are transporting cargo on. Like Trucker Path, they also allow you to check out the credit score of any broker that you might be interested in working with. At $34.95 a month Direct Freight is a solid option for owner operators.

Each of these options would be good for any starting out owner operator, as each of them bring similar perks to the table with their own unique twist somewhere in between. Load boards are a great option for owner operator truck drivers to find work, and it’s interesting to look at how they have affected the freight brokering industry as a whole.

How Do Load Boards Relate to the Freight Brokering Industry?

Load boards revolutionized freight brokering when they first came about, and they have continued to make the process of connecting a broker to a trucker easier than ever. Freight brokers get just as much use out of load boards that truckers do. It allows them to get a driver to haul whatever cargo they have waiting with ease. This could also endup being a road to a long-lasting partnership between a broker and a trucking service, which would only benefit both of them. Load boards have made it easy to find and negotiate with brokers, and they have overall improved the condition of the industry.

What Should I Do Now?

After reading this we hope you understand the importance of these load boards and are aware of how helpful they can be for a new owner operator, or a broker service. If you are interested in making use of any of these load boards, simply go to any of their websites and get a feel for how they work. We have no doubt that their user-friendly interface will take no time to learn to navigate. After that,start doing some jobs, and use the load boards to their full potential. We hope we provided some useful information and if you are looking for a Texas Based Freight Broker we are always happy to help.