Looking for an easy and efficient way to plan for your next heavy haul trip? TXPros is the official and reliable site to help schedule all heavy haul trips and apply for the appropriate permits. In this blog, we’ll discuss all the details to help you understand how it works.

What is TXPros?

 With over half a million permits granted by the Texas Department of Transportation per year, the TXPros system provides a faster and more efficient way for hauling companies to obtain permits for their drivers hauling oversize or overweight loads. The system was created over a decade ago as the Texas DOT wanted to find a better way to provide oversize/overweight hauling permits. With TXPros, you can apply for, pay for, and print out a permit, all from the comfort of your home or office. This system has drastically reduced wait times and frustration all around because representatives from trucking companies no longer have to visit the Texas DOT in person to obtain a permit. In addition, TXPros provides the best and safest route for each haul, generating routes within a few minutes rather than hours. The ultimate goal is to protect the loads, drivers, and general public throughout each hauling journey.

How do I create a TXPros account?

 Creating a TXPros account and obtaining a permit is as simple as going to their website and clicking “create a new company account.” This link will take you to a page that asks you to fill out your name and contact information, physical address, and login details. From there, you’re ready to log in and get started on the permit application.

How can I book a heavy haul with TXPros?

 TXPros allows you to apply for, pay for, and print out a permit 24/7 by following these simple steps:

1. Go to the TXPros website and log in.

2. Enter the permit and vehicle information to apply for the appropriate permit.

3. Select the origin and destination.

4. After TXPros has suggested a route, verify the route.

5. Fill out the payment information and give the permit a final look over.

6. Print out the permit and you’re ready to get on the road!

How do I book an escort vehicle with TXPros?

 Some oversize/overweight permits issued by the Texas DOT automatically require an escort that is provided by the department. The following cases require an escort flag vehicle:

  • When a permitted vehicle must travel over the center line of a narrow bridge or roadway.
  • When a permitted vehicle makes any turning movement that will require travel in the opposing traffic lanes.
  • When a permitted vehicle reduces speed to cross under a low overhead obstruction or over a bridge.
  • When a permitted vehicle creates an abnormal and unusual traffic flow pattern.

If an escort vehicle is not required but you’d still like to book one, you can take advantage of the notes section on the TXPros application. On various pages throughout the application, there are red buttons located at the top left corner, one of which states “Permit Notes.” Any additional information or requests can be placed in the Permit Notes text box, and once you click “Add Note,” the information will be added to your application. You can add multiple notes if you want to include separate details.

Roads and Bridges Heavy Haulers Must Avoid in Texas

 In Texas, you can find the following roads and bridges are never open to oversized or overweight loads based on the districts your load will be traveling through:

It’s important to keep in mind that sometimes the preferred or quickest route is not always available for oversized or overweight loads. Some roads and highways change vehicle restrictions depending on the time of year, if any construction projects are happening in the area, weather conditions, and various other reasons. In these cases, TXPros will give you the most updated route to ensure that you can legally travel to your destination.

How do I complete a heavy haul with TXPros?

 Once you’ve booked and printed out your permit through the TXPros website, the system will have also generated a safe and legal route for your load. TXPros offers turn-by-turn directions and online maps that provide details on the entire route. In the event the route needs to be updated, the system will automatically shift the route to the next best one. This reduces delays and minimizes frustration on the road.

 If you have multiple permits to request, you can streamline the process and request more than one permit using only one application. Each permit can be printed out separately at the end of the application process so that your trucks can get on the road more quickly.

 For more details and additional benefits of the TXPros system, feel free to check out this helpful video from the Texas DOT.

Save yourself the headache and call the heavy haul experts!

The TXPros system is designed to help quicken the permit procedure so that you can get on the road faster, but the application process comes with a lot of information that can be confusing. We at Twisted Nail have got you covered. Whether you have a question about TXPros or would like a professional to help you with scheduling, we are your heavy haul experts and are glad to help. Contact us today with any questions!