What is Heavy Haul?

The service of heavy hauling is when a trucker uses a specialized trailer moves oversized or overweight cargo from one point to another. Something is considered heavy haul when they go over the usual dimensions of items that are transported by truck. This includes anything oversized, or things that are extremely wide, or heavy. These heavy items can range from construction equipment to airplane parts, and heavy hauling as a whole is exceedingly important for many industries. With heavy hauling being this important of a task, there comes with it an extreme challenge to the driver. Transporting heavy haul is difficult, and requires a steady, and experienced hand. To get a better idea of what heavy haul is all about, we can first look at what heavy haul actually looks like, and how big it has to be specifically to be listed as heavy haul.

What are the dimensions that determine I need a heavy haul?

As was mentioned above, anything that is sized above the regulated limit to cargo loads is considered a heavy load. These regulations can change between states, but primarily something beyond 8.6 feet in width, 13.6 feet in height, 53 feet long, or anything that is over 80,000 pounds would be considered a heavy load. For things that are too tall, one would use a step deck trailer, a low boy trailer, a removable gooseneck trailer, or double drop hauls. These are all different types of trailers that specialize in hauling over-sized cargo. Though each of them can handle different kinds of cargo in different ways, overall, each of them are useful for heavy hauling. Now, we can list some of the things that commonly call for the use of a specialized trailer, as they are most often hauled as heavy haul. Much of this type of cargo is construction equipment, so we’ll focus on that for now.

Common types of Construction Equipment that Requires a Heavy Haul Trailer


One type of construction equipment that requires a heavy haul trailer is a crane. Cranes are large, and awkwardly shaped, not to mention they are typically very tall. To get one from storage to a job site requires a specialized trailer, and on the road, it will be considered an oversized load. A trailer that specializes in tall loads would likely need to carry a crane, and it would be nearly impossible to move one if it weren’t for heavy haul trailers.



Another type of construction equipment that requires the use of heavy haul trailers is bulldozers. Bulldozers are extremely large, and heavy vehicles, and they, like the crane, would be exceptionally difficult to transport if not for specialized heavy haul trailers. A bulldozer can weigh tens of thousands of pounds and they are very wide, making them awkwardly proportioned. To compensate, a heavy haul trailer that is able to handle such a cargo would need to be used to move one from point A to point B.



Another piece of equipment that shares some resemblance to the crane is a backhoe. These vehicles are very heavy, but their awkward shape is what makes them a challenge to transport. These pieces of equipment are typically used for excavation and the like, which means they need to be big and fairly complex vehicles. Transporting one could prove to be a challenge, but it will certainly meet the requirements to be transported as heavy cargo due its proportions.


Dump Trucks & Other Trucks

Dump trucks are an essential vehicle to most jobs in the construction industry as they are used to haul and dump things on a given site. It only makes sense that they need to be shipped from one site to another, as they are always in pretty high demand. These trucks are heavy, and are awkwardly shaped, making them prime pieces of cargo to be considered heavy hauls. Moving them requires a trailer that can handle the pressure and that can accommodate something so oddly shaped.

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