You have lots of options for ordering boulders in Texas, but we are here to help. Twisted Nail provides delivery services to bring any size boulder directly to your job, whether it’s a commercial site or a residential area. Just contact us with your required specs, and we’ll ensure timely delivery with clear communication. For construction boulder needs in Central Texas, Twisted Nail is a dependable option. Visit or call (254) 651-3597 for construction trucking and wholesale aggregate supply. Here at Twisted Nail, we offer any aggregate for any project. With the most comprehensive network of quarries, aggregate suppliers, and owner-operators in Central Texas, we ensure that you always have access to the materials you need, when you need them.

What are landscaping boulders?

Landscaping boulders are rocks typically larger than 10 inches in diameter, used primarily to decorate gardens and landscape areas. They consist of two types, round surface stones and angular quarried stones and range from hundreds to a thousand pounds in weight. The two main options are granite boulders and river rock boulders. River rock boulders tend to have a polished and smooth finish. They typically aren’t the largest boulders, but they do a great job of creating a natural and flowing feel in your landscape. Granite boulders are more expensive than river rock boulders, but have a beautiful sparkle and can be of different colors and sizes. Although they are not as smooth and natural as river rock, they add an aesthetically appealing touch to any environment.

Uses and Application For Boulders

Boulders are used in both commercial and residential landscaping and are often used creatively to enhance an area’s aesthetics and add a natural, rugged element to various landscapes. Boulders also create a great focal point in gardens and act as wonderful borders. Additionally, their size allows them to provide erosion protection to their surroundings. While great for landscaping, boulders are not suitable for ready-to-mix concrete applications as they are too big.

Common Uses For Boulders

  • Landscaping: Boulders can serve as terrain accents in public parks, office complexes, or other public spaces in commercial and residential applications. 
  • Focal Point: Large landscaping boulders can serve as the centerpiece in a garden or yard, drawing the eye and adding a natural, rugged element to the landscape.
  • Erosion Control: Boulders can control erosion, particularly on slopes or hillsides, where they help stabilize the soil. Like in residential settings, boulders can be used in commercial applications for erosion control, particularly in large-scale projects or areas with heavy water flow.
  • Boundary Markers: Boulders are used for property lines or to separate different areas within a garden.
  • Retaining Walls: Boulders are used to build retaining walls in commercial settings, providing structural stability and a natural aesthetic.

How to Order Boulders

Selecting the right boulders

The first step in the ordering process is determining their application. Do you want to create a natural border or make your landscape more appealing by adding focal points or accents? Look at other landscapes around town or browse the web for ideas and inspiration on how you can amplify your project’s natural features. Boulders come in all different shapes and sizes, from smaller 10-inch-diameter rocks to massive stones, so determine how much space you want your new boulder feature to take up before ordering.

Cost Considerations

Another aspect of ordering boulders to consider is the price and your budget considering the wide range of boulder costs. Smaller boulders can range between $3 and $5 per stone, and larger stones can cost hundreds of dollars per rock. Naturally, larger rocks typically come at a higher price.

Ordering From Twisted Nail

We have the best material and trucking partners in Central Texas allowing us to supply and deliver any material you need.. Twisted Nail is partnered with over 85 quarries, aggregate suppliers, and owner-operators and our large network allows us to offer competitive prices and supply all of your trucking and material needs. We have an impressive fleet of trucks, including dump trucks, super dumps, belly dumps, end dumps, and round-bottom trucks and have delivered over 1 million tons of material within the Texas Triangle. You can trust us to deliver boulders for your next project.

Join Our Team

Our 100% Owner Operator fleet specializes in transporting aggregate, flatbed, step deck, heavy haul, pneumatic, water tanker, and power only freight. Our carriers are provided a direct contact to the person handling their dispatch. Our expert dispatchers have decades of experience and work hard to provide stress-free freight booking experience. Join our team of skilled truck owner operators and be part of the strongest construction trucking fleet in Central Texas.

FAQs About Boulders

How do I know what size boulder works for my project?

To answer this question, you should ask whatyou will do with the boulders? For example, if you want to add a border to your garden, a 10-inch stone would be perfect for this job. Another great use for this size boulder is lining pathways and uneven terrain to help with erosion. However, if you want two or three large boulders to put as features in your yard, consider ordering 36-inch and above stones.

A boulder’s cost largely depends on its size.Typically, you can find a smaller stone’s fore between $3-$5 per stone.If you are looking for a large focal piece of stone for your garden or landscape, you should expect to pay over $100 per stone.

Boulders are used mainly as a decorative material in gardens and landscaping borders. They work great in creating natural-looking property borders or dividing garden areas Boulders have can prevent soil erosion, and they are used in retaining wallsin both commercial and residential settings.

River rock boulders are unique in their smooth, round texture. Some boulder materials that are comparable but not the same as river rock boulders include: 

  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Basalt 
  • Marble 

All these materials have different appearances and prices to river rock boulders but can be used similarly.

One thing to remember when ordering boulders is the size you are after. Different projects require different size boulders, and with boulders, there is a large range of sizes to consider. Make sure to determine how much you need. If you create a boarder wall, make a rough estimate by measuring the length and width. Be sure to be price-conscious and stay within your budget. If you have any questions, call us at Twisted Nail. We can help answer those questions and assist with the ordering process.


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