What is Sand Used for In Construction?

Sand is used in a wide variety of jobs when it comes to the construction industry. Sand as a material brings a handful of benefits to any job site. In bulk, it brings strength, it is very versatile and malleable, which allows it to be used in many different scenarios. Sand is most commonly used in conjunction with other materials, and to create a base beneath many structures. On a smaller scale it can be used for decorative or aesthetic reasons for specific projects. Sand can also be used for walling and flooring in certain buildings. However, sand is used in an extremely wide number of cases in construction, and it is often one of the most vital parts of the entire construction process. This makes finding good sand even more important for any construction company, but first, let’s talk about the types of sand one can find in the state of Texas.

What types of sand are found in Texas?

There are a number of different kinds of sand and silt that can be found in Texas, but the most common thing mixed in with the sands of most of Texas, is clay. Though Texas has plenty of natural sand, the fact that much of it is mixed with clay limits it’s usability for certain jobs. One interesting thing about the industrial sand that is mined and manufactured in Texas is that much of it is used for the fracking and oil industries, rather than for other common applications of sand. Recently, the industrial sand that is being dug up in Texas has been dedicated mostly to this purpose. Though most of the industrial sand being dug up in Texas is being used by the fracking industry, there are plenty of other types of construction that can still be found in Texas, though typically to a lesser extent. Let’s get to know these different types of sands and what they can be used for within the construction field as a whole.

Common types of Construction Sand

Utility Sand

The first type of sand that is most common in construction is utility sand. This sand is made from crushing quartz. Typically, the particles produced from this process can be manipulated to be a certain shape. The colors of it range from beige to tan and brown, and they even turn to be white and gray. This sand is excellent for compacting, and this is what makes it so popular for acting as a base for other materials, like concrete, in most construction jobs. The minerals that come with utility sand make it a strong material to begin a job with and with that strength came popularity.

Fill Sand

The next type of sand is fill sand. Fill sand is made up of extremely small rock shards that are either made naturally through combining with sand over time or are made artificially through the crushing of rock into sand. Like utility sand, this sand it able to compact well, but it will shift over time. Though it is still used as a base for concrete from time to time, many will opt for utility sand over fill sand. Fill sand is cheaper however and can prove to be a better option for areas that are prone to getting wet.

Concrete Sand

The next type of sand to cover is concrete sand. This kind of sand is produced in quarries, and is made up of crushed granite rock, gneiss, or limestone. Though this sand won’t be acting as a base for any job, it is still helpful as a mixture material for concrete. Its main use is to be mixed with water and cement. It can most commonly be found in things like walkways, and patios, and, occasionally, it can be used as a filling material.

Crushed Stone Sand

The last sand to cover would be crushed stone sand. This type of sand is less common than the others on this list but is still a useful tool for construction. It contains no impurities, making it a good mixing material for concrete. This type of sand also has to be tested quite a bit before it can be used It is also used in plastering.

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