What Is a Reefer or Refrigerated Trailer?

Refrigerated Trucking, also known as a reefer hauling, is trucking that involves a temperature-controlled trailer that is insulated. These insulated trailers contain a refrigeration unit near the front of the trailer to keep the entire trailer cool. One would make use of a trailer like this when they are transferring any cargo that is heat sensitive, whether that be food, or other perishables. These trailers are also typically large enough to be considered full truckload trailers, which allows it to transfer a large amount of goods, despite it being a specialty trailer.

What’s The Difference Between a Dry Van and a Refrigerated Trailer?

A dry van isa type of semi-trailer that is entirely closed off to keep all of the contents inside the trailer safe. These are the typical large, boxy trailers that are often attached to hauling trucks. Dry vans and refrigerated trailers share many differences with the first and biggest being the fact that dry vans are not temperature-controlled. The entire point of using a refrigerated trailer over a dry van is to transfer goods that need to be cold, dry vans can’t provide such a service. Refrigerated trailers are also often made from different materials than dry vans. These trailers will be built out of different types of metals, or fiberglass, or other materials that improve insulation. Refrigerated trailers are often heavier than dry vans as well. The basic function of the refrigerated trailer is to transfer perishable goods that need to be kept cold, dry vans cannot serve that function. Refrigerated trailers can be used to transfer non-perishable goods, but that would defeat the purpose of using one.

How Does a Reefer Trailer Work?

Reefer trailers work differently than one might think. Most things that refrigerate don’t necessarily add cold air to the zone that they are refrigerating. They take the existing air and remove the heat from it, thus lowering the temperature of the entire unit. Every refrigeration unit, including reefer trailers, contains three specific devices. First is the evaporator coil, which absorbs the heat from the air within the truck, next is the compressor, which powers the evaporator coil, and finally there is a small engine, typically powered by diesel, that powers the compressor. All in all, the system takes the air in the trailer, removes the heat from it, and then recirculates it into the space, keeping the air, and the product cold.

What Type of Freight Ships in Refrigerated Trailers?

Anything that needs to be kept cold will be shipped in a refrigerated trailer. Mainly things like food and perishables are shipped with refrigerated trailers, but there are also a number of other products that rely on refrigerated trailers.Things like pharmaceuticals, candles, flowers, paint, and even hazardous materials that are sensitive to temperature changes will all be shipped with refrigerated trailers. These trailers also have the ability to circulate heated air into the trailer as well, so despite this being a less commonly used function, sometimes things that require a warm environment will be shipped in a refrigerated trailer as well.

How Does Produce Season in Texas Impact the Reefer Truckload Market?

The produce season in Texas, just like in other places across the country, will send the reefer truckload market sky-high. During this time, many people are in need of reefer trailers to transfer produce from their operation to their next destination. A dry van can handle some types of produce, but mostly reefer trailers are needed to handle the perishable food. Because of the high demand for reefer trailers at this time, they will become harder to find for anyone who misses out on the initial rush to find them. Most reefer trailer suppliers will almost entirely commit to selling their services to this industry at this time, so other industries that may rely on these trailers will be struggling to find one. Overall, produce season has a large effect on the reefer trailer market, and it’s important to note when that cycle will occur. This season takes place from February to July.

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