River Rock

River Rock For Your Next Project.

River Rock is a diverse group of rocks rounded over time by water, with textured flat surfaces, varied imperfections, and colors including white, grey, tan, brown, and deep reds. Common near water bodies, they serve various purposes in landscaping, decoration, and construction, either natural or artificial.

Our River Rock Supply

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is small screened rock, typically 3/8” in diameter, and comes in the gray, tan, reds, and browns. Pea gravel serves as a great decorative material and is commonly used in pebbled walkways, patios, and gardens.

Size: ⅜”, Peamix

Screened River Rock

Screened River rock refers to river rock of uniform size ranging from 3/8” up to 2” in diameter. Screened river rock is used in landscaping and decoration, as drainage or fill, is used to make ready mix and has several additional construction applications.

Size: ¾”, 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 1” to 2”, ¾” to 1 ½”, #57 Rock

Pit Run River Rock

Pit Run refers to a naturally occurring blend of sands, soil, and rock sourced from quarries. This mixture is unprocessed and often more affordable. While pit run has a wide range of uses in construction projects, it is commonly used as fill material.

Size: 0” to 2”, 0” to 3”

Oversize River Rock

Oversize river rock is a very popular landscaping material. Though offered both as washed and unwashed, the washed variant can be harder to find due to the specialty equipment required to thoroughly clean the larger material.

Size: 6” to 36”+

Landscape Boulders

Landscaping Boulders are large river rocks that serve as captivating focal points in landscaping, adding a touch of natural beauty and a sense of scale to outdoor spaces.

Size: 6” to 36”

From our River Rock Quarries

River rock, prized for its aesthetic appeal, thrives in Central Texas with its captivating colors and textures, making it a landscaping favorite. Beyond its decorative role, river rock offers practical advantages, particularly its drainage capabilities, making it a sought-after addition in moisture-rich gardens and areas. This versatile rock’s utility extends to concrete production and industrial applications. Among favored landscaping projects, river rock finds a prominent place in outdoor staircases, patios, border walls, decorative elements, walkways, gardens, for filling holes.

River Rock Aggregate: FAQs

They are attractive but they are also used as a primary ingredient to concrete, which I believe is the world’s most popular building product. So lots of rock gets used in new construction all the time. Couple that with it looking good and people wanting it for personal projects, then also couple that with the fact that you need a nearby river to find river rock, and you end up with a product in short supply.
Twisted Nail can source a specific type or color rock for you, however the type and color depends entirely on the geographic region and finding a specific rock may mean sourcing a rock from outside your region, which can make shipping costs prohibitive.
In most cases, 8-10 yards (or 12-15 tons) would be the minimum order for river rocks. While we can deliver smaller order sizes, in our experience, for orders below the recommended size – trucking becomes cost prohibitive.
River rock is widely used for landscaping, including in gardens, patios, staircases, and decoration. It’s also great for drainage and construction, filling holes, and enhancing pathways.

Our Other Aggregate Materials

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