Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials For Your Next Project.

Concrete and Asphalt recycling are cost-effective processes that prepares demolished structures and roadways for reuse. Recyclers will break the material on-site, remove it to a recycling yard, and crush the concrete and asphalt. This crushed material is a sustainable solution for disposal of otherwise unwanted materials, extending their useful life.

Our Recycled Materials Supply

Crushed Concrete Base

Recycled concrete base is a versatile material made from crushing recycled concrete. Recycled concrete base is a versatile material and is often used as a replacement or substitute for Limestone base. It is a durable, environmentally conscious, alternative.

Size: Flexbase, 0” to 1 ½”, 0” to 3”x5”

Screened Concrete Rock

Screened recycled concrete rock is an environmentally friendly construction material made from crushing and processing old concrete rubble. It is often able to be used as a replacement for similar sized Limestone materials.

Size: 1”, 1 ½” 3”x5”, 4”x8”

Recycled Asphalt Millings

Recycled asphalt millings offers a cost-effective alternative for driveway and parking lot material. Created by recycling old asphalt through a milling machine, the result is a coarse rock-line material. The conversion of old asphalt is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional landfill disposal.

Why Choose Recycled Materials

Recycling Concrete and Asphalt offers significant environmental and economic benefits. Recycling keeps concrete and asphalt waste out of landfills, promoting sustainable waste management. Moreover, recycling concrete and asphalt conserves energy by eliminating the need to produce the new aggregates that the recycled materials can replace. Embracing material recycling is a crucial step towards a greener future that balances environmental preservation with economic efficiency.

Recycled Materials Aggregate: FAQs

Just about any dump trailer can be used to haul recycled concrete, unless the material is large or contains rebar, then only steel trailers should be used.
Crushed concrete is often cheaper, with the crusher yards being more mobile, so large projects can reduce shipping costs by bringing the plant closer to the Jobsite. As a consumer, crushed concrete is cheaper to buy and is more readily available throughout the year. Construction materials such as 1” rock, 57 rock, grade 3, pea gravel, etc. will likely end up being sold out during construction’s busy season (summer).
For large commercial projects you will likely need to make sure the material meets the job specifications. The quality of product can vary between batches and between producers. So asking around is always a good idea, or partnering with someone like Twisted Nail who already knows who to go to for questions regarding quality and safety.
Yes, recycled concrete is sustainable. It reduces waste by repurposing old concrete, conserves resources, and lessens environmental impact by minimizing the need for new aggregate extraction.

Our Other Aggregate Materials

Limestone serves as a versatile foundation in driveways, pad construction and various applications.

River rock has many different uses, including drainage assistance, ready-mix production, and landscaping.

Granite is a durable stone primarily used in path building, parking lots, landscaping, foundations, and driveways.

Top products in this category include select fill, fill sand, washed concrete sand, mortar sand, and topsoil.