Granite For Your Next Project.

Granite is a durable and strong stone that varies in colors and patterns, though its usual colors are white, light gray, and pink. Compared to other rock and stone, granite is more resistant to exterior forces and is very durable when compared to other crushed aggregate such as Limestone. Granite is only found in specific regions of Texas and must be imported to the majority of the State.

Our Granite Supply

Granite Rock

Granite rock is durable, attractive, and is offered in a range of screened size options. Composed of feldspar, quartz, mica, and minerals, each unique rock is flexible enough to suit indoor and outdoor applications.

Size: ¼” to ½”, ½”, ½” to 1”

Granite Base

Granite Base is a mixture of dust (0”) up to a specific sized crushed rock. The mixture of materials bonds well and creates very solid roads or foundations. Commonly used in driveways, concrete sub-base, and to build pads supporting large machinery.

Size: 0” to 2”, 0” to 3”

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite is a popular material for landscaping and in building pathways or parking lots. Offered in very fine grades of rock mixed with dust, giving the material excellent bonding ability and providing aggregable walking surfaces.

Size: 0” to 1/8”, 0” to ¼”, 0” to ½”, 0” to 1”

Granite Bull Rock

Granite bull rock is a screened rock of a consistent size, typically 2”-6” in diameter. Most often used to bolster high traffic areas, such as construction jobsite entrances, and to help mitigate erosion.

Size: Call for Availability

Granite Rip Rap

Rip Rap is screened rock ranging from 6 to 36+ inches in diameter. Frequent use in erosion control projects and serves as an effective fill material in various construction applications.

Size: 24”

Versatile Granite Aggregate Supply

Each type of granite has its own specialty, use, and location; our team has the proper resources to locate the exact type of granite you need for your next commercial or residential job. We pride ourselves in being efficient and effective, delivering the right material, on time, every time! Call our team for assistance in safely delivering your quarry direct granite aggregate to any Texas jobsite. Surrounding state delivery available upon request.

Granite Aggregate: FAQs

Granite finds use in various construction and landscaping projects. It’s most used as a foundation material for roads, driveways, and building bases. Additionally, its aesthetic appeal makes it popular for ornamental purposes in pathways, gardens, and outdoor designs.
Yes, granite aggregate exhibits exceptional durability. Renowned for its robustness and resistance to weathering, granite stands as a reliable choice. This enduring quality renders it suitable for projects necessitating resilient materials.
Granite comes in a wide range of colors, including shades of gray, pink, black, and even blues. This variety allows you to choose a granite aggregate that complements your project’s aesthetic and blends well with its surroundings.
Yes, granite aggregate offers versatility in size and color. Whether you need finely crushed granite for a smooth surface or larger stones for a rustic look, you can choose the right blend to match your project’s requirements and vision.

Our Other Aggregate Materials

Limestone serves as a versatile foundation in driveways, pad construction and various applications.

River rock has many different uses, including drainage assistance, ready-mix production, and landscaping.

Top products in this category include select fill, fill sand, washed concrete sand, mortar sand, and topsoil.

Repurposed material gathered from retired buildings, parking lots, pathways, parking garages, etc.