Fills, Sands, & Soils

Fills, Sands, & Soils For Your Next Project.

Choose from fill sand, washed sand (concrete sand), manufactured sand, cushion sand, bedding sand, and masonry sand. These versatile sands suit both residential and commercial needs, like walkways, patios, sports areas, pools, gardens, and more. Accurate material knowledge is key. In the fill, dirt, and soil category, material consistency varies, so testing is recommended for structural and specific needs.

Our Fills, Sands, & Soils Supply

Select Fill

Tested and uniform sand-clay blend. Select fill is an elevated version of common fill, unique to each supplier. Consistency varies but aligns with city or state standards.

Common Fill

Untested and inconsistent mixture of sand and clay. Common fill is an affordable fill material that can be used to fill in large voids. Often high in clay content, which can make it difficult to spread and may hinder plant growth.

Top Soil

The outermost layer of material, top soil is often rich in nutrients and is great in applications to promote plant life. Often a black color, but consistency and coloring can vary greatly from supplier to supplier.

Washed Sand (Concrete Sand)

Washed concrete sand is created by washing and screening coarse sand to eliminate impurities in the material. This process results in a clean & consistent sand with optimal particle size, making it ideal for ready mix & other commercial applications.

Fill Sand

Untested, but consistent, mixture of majority sand and a little clay. The material is excellent for leveling pools, patios, walkways, and yards while still allowing plant life to grow.

Manufactured, Cushion, Bedding, Masonry Sand

Given the diverse sand choices for various purposes, consulting a local expert is key. Local availability ensures cost-effective & fast delivery to your site.

Sand, Soil, and Fill Dirt Hauling

Whether an order for 5 yards of sand to create a small sandbox or 50,000 tons of select fill to support the development of a new housing community, Twisted Nail has the right material for you. Our team of experts are able to source the exact material you need, to your required specifications, delivered direct to your project.

Fills, Sands, & Soils Aggregate: FAQs

The majority of our projects involve river rock, crushed limestone, various construction sands, road base and crushed concrete.
Twisted Nail can source a specific type or color sand for you, however the type and color depends entirely on the geographic region and finding a specific sand may mean sourcing from outside your region, resulting in increased shipping costs.
Minimum quantity varies by material type, but a general rule of thumb is 10 yards of sand and gravel (or 1 full tandem load). We find that for quantities smaller than 10 yards it is more cost efficient for the customer to arrange pickup. ‍
Yes, especially for structural applications. Soil testing helps determine the properties of the material and whether it meets specific construction standards.

Our Other Aggregate Materials

Limestone serves as a versatile foundation in driveways, pad construction and various applications.

River rock has many different uses, including drainage assistance, ready-mix production, and landscaping.

Granite is a durable stone primarily used in path building, parking lots, landscaping, foundations, and driveways.

Repurposed material gathered from retired buildings, parking lots, pathways, parking garages, etc.